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The current selection of racing quadcopters are all very durable and can absorb quite a bit of crash punishment. There is one area of almost all quad designs that becomes a point of failure, and that’s the video antenna sticking out of the machine just asking to be snapped off, or sheared off, or bent in to a pretzel. It can be quite frustrating to have a day of racing end prematurely due to a broken antenna.

Trueblood engineering has a solution to this problem with our patent pending flexible antenna mount. This mount is made using the same proven high strength material that has been working in our RC Helicopter rotor heads for the past 10 years. This is not a 3D printed part, it is custom molded to be superior in its chemical composition.

Being flexible isn’t the only design consideration Trueblood Engineering took when creating this revolutionary part. The flex provided by the mount is a perfect balance between absorbing energy in a crash, and maintaining position while in flight. A poorly designed mount has the potential to generate oscillating inputs into the sensitive flight controller. This is not a problem with the Trueblood design.

To prolong the life of your video antenna, and extend the race hard without worry mentality, the Trueblood Engineering Quad Flex Antenna Mount needs to be on your racing machine.

Check out the Durability Test On YouTube here Durability Test
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Quad Antenna Flex Mount - BlackTBH300010
Quad Antenna Flex Mount - BlueTBH300011
Quad Antenna Flex Mount - OrangeTBH300012
Quad Antenna Flex Mount - GreenTBH300013
Quad Antenna Flex Mount - RedTBH300014