Share the satisfaction of a great flying quad or helicopter! Let Trueblood Engineering help you!

For a modern helicopter to perform to its potential, you need to select the best components available, and take the time required to set them up like a pro.

Great pilots fly great machines. Invest in upgrades and tools that actually improve performance of your models.

Dont fight your machine. Use the products the pros use.

    Quad Parts

  • Flex Antenna Mounts      
  • Don't risk your expensive vTX antenna
  • Vibration Isolation

    Head Dampers

  • Feel connected to the machine
  • Components matter - fly the best
  • Remove that distracting wobble
  • Extreme durability
  • Get STIFF

    Swashplate Levelers

  • Setup matters, even with flybarless
  • Need a level swashplate
  • Dont compromise
  • Use precision tools

Save Your vTX Antenna

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Protect your vTX investment with a flexible antenna mount

Durability and Vibration Resistant

Get Stiff

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Head dampers install in about 10 minutes. Please watch the ***coming*** YouTube video link and follow along.

Good luck, and good flying.

Get a Level Head

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Get a level swashplate in about 10 minutes and have your machine performing to its potential. Please watch the ***coming*** YouTube video link and follow along.